Himalayan crossing material: Everest and Annapurna


1 nayp buff roll panty
1 hard boots (although if I did it again I would choose softer ones)
1 breathable short sleeve t-shirt
1 breathable long sleeve t-shirt
1 long sleeve thermal t-shirt
1 fleece
1 bag (+5 justito in some points more than 5,000 meters but warm sleeps well)
A few kleenex packages
3 socks and 3 gayumbos
1 long tights
1 short tights
1 zipper trekking pants to make them short
1 tracksuit pants (lujazo but in the hostel it goes from coña!)
1 sandals
1 chaplain
1 compass, map, guide
1 thin waterproof and breathable jacket
1 dry towel
1 bottle of water that I refill and put iodine
2 rags with salt in case the leeches chase you
1 gloves
1 bamboo stick that I received a Nepali in exchange for a tea

First aid kit: bandages, strips, anti-cage (fortasec), aspirin, ibopruphene, pills for altitude sickness, scissors, tape, soap, toothbrush, replacement glasses, iodine.

I usually eat some cookies with coffee with milk in the hostel, peak during the day roll nuts and chocolate and I have a good dinner when I arrive at the next hostel

Total weight about 9 kilos