How is Christmas dinner in 10 countries of the world


Christmas dinner, technically Christmas Eve if we get strict, is a custom that extends throughout the globe wherever Christianity is present. But precisely because they are celebrated in very different cultures and gastronomies, beyond our borders we find products and dishes that are not those to which we are accustomed.

In fact, because the human being adopts foreign traditions whenever they mean leisure, food and family gatherings, there are Christian but not Catholic countries and countries that are not even Christians in this compilation of what Christmas dinner is like in 10 countries of the world.

And, please, that nobody take to the letter how to eat, or dinner, at Christmas in a country because here there are also variations by regions or family tradition. What has been a gastronomic variant of the well-known expression "Well, we play like this in my house".


Held on December 24, a Christmas dinner in France (“Réveillon”) that boasts, starts with a liquid snack, such as champagne or sparkling wine, which accompanies some “amuse bouche”, in this case small stuffed puff pastry cakes of ham, cheese or other similar ingredients.

Photo “Bûche de Noël” (Christmas Trunk): (cc) Mitantig

Foie gras is not missing as an appetizer, although it can be accompanied by oysters or smoked salmon. For the main course, meat is usually the preferred ingredient, whether capon, turkey, goose or stuffed pheasant.

In addition to the fact that a tray with an assortment of cheeses cannot be missing in the meal, at the end of it the typical dessert is the “Bûche de Noël” (Christmas Trunk), a spongy chocolate sponge cake that is presented and decorated as if it were a trunk of tree.

United Kingdom

Christmas dinner in the United Kingdom is usually celebrated on Christmas day and not on Christmas Eve.

For the menu, stuffed turkey or goose are the main course, seasoned with meat sauce (“gravy”) and / or other sauces, especially fruits of the forest. Roasted potatoes, sometimes pureed, are the overwhelming accompaniment.

Photo Typical Christmas dinner United Kingdom: (cc) Qualit-E

A curiosity is that among the vegetables that are served are Brussels sprouts and parsnips or Pastinaca sativa.

The typically British dessert is usually Christmas pudding and meat mince tartlets.


Traditionally it is on Christmas Eve when Christmas dinner is celebrated in Italy, as we do in Spain. Called "Vigil" does not usually include any type of meat and is based on fish and vegetables.

It serves "cousin" (first), a type of soup or broth with pasta, usually stuffed. The second can be stuffed birds (Northern Italy) or fried eel (Southern Italy).

Zeppole photo: (cc) Luca Sartoni